We love our volunteers! We couldn’t keep the Center up and running without them.

Female Client Advocates

A Client Advocate donates 3 hours a week of her time here at the Center. She will meet one on one with our scheduled clients for a wide range of parenting classes from prenatal to toddler and older children care. We also do pregnancy tests both for scheduled appointments and walk-ins. You will never know what the day will hold. One thing you can be sure of is that you will be blessed and come to know the women and their families in a very special way.

Male Client Advocates

The male advocates will work one on one with the male clients that come in for parenting classes. We know how important the man is in his family. They provide an amazing Christian role model for what a Dad should be. We also offer a specific class for the guys that teaches them the real meaning of what it means to be a man by looking to Jesus as their role model.

If you are ever interested in becoming a Client Advocate please call us at 315.255.2778.

Other ways to volunteer

We know that it isn’t always possible to come in as often as a Client Advocate does and we understand that. Another way you can help us is during our big events. We always need volunteers during our Baby Bottle Drive, Walk for Life, Golf Tournament, and Banquet.

If this sounds like something you would like to do, give us a call, or fill out the form below!